When you are looking at fencing in Brighton, you will quickly see there are lots of different styles.  In fact, fencing in Sussex includes a huge range styles including wood and metal fencing, short and tall styles, solid and ornate.  So if you are looking to add or upgrade your fencing and want to approach a fencing contractor in Brighton to do the job, here are some of the things to consider.

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What is the aim of the fence?

It might sound strange to ask this question, but all fencing has an aim, a purpose.  It may be that it is to mark the boundary of the property or to create some privacy in the garden.  It might be that the aim is to keep the dog in the boundaries or to add extra security to your home.  These are all aims that can impact the choice of fence and it is important to think about them before you start. 

Likewise, gates in Brighton can serve a variety of purposes and should also be considered.  Is the gate to let people through or cars?  Do you want it to simply look smart and be easy to operate?  Or do you want something automatic that will work like security barriers in Brighton do, only opening when someone has the right trigger to open it?

What kind of fence do you like?

Once you have an idea what you want from the fence, you can start to consider the main options in terms of the kind of fence. One of the most traditional styles is picket fences where you have a series of fence posts with horizontal bars keeping them in place, usually one at the top and another at the bottom. These can be quite elaborate and shaped and are ideal boundary markers but don’t do as well for privacy.

Fence panels and close board fencing are better for higher fences and to offer more privacy. They tend to be solid panels of fencing or even overlapping styles like tongue and groove. These can be up to 6 feet high and stop anyone seeing into the property as well as being great to help deter casual intruders.

How strong does the fence need to be?

If you want a fence that helps with the security of the property, then you definitely want one of the panel styles that are solid areas of fencing.  You cannot see through them, they are harder to climb, and you can often pair them with railing topper panels to make it even more difficult to scale.  These are also good to help reduce the noise from the street beyond

The only downside with these solid panels is that they can block the sunlight to the area of garden around them.  They are also a little susceptible to wind damage because they are solid – picket fences can let the wind blow through them.  So if you are in a particularly wind prone part of Sussex, you may want to consider picket fences or adding more fence posts to make the fence stronger.

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