Commercial Fencing – Expert Tips to Help You Choose

For commercial properties, fencing in Brighton is about a lot more than just looking smart.  The average home uses fencing in Sussex to finish the appearance and to give a bit of security and privacy.  But for commercial properties, security is very important, and the fencing and gates need to play a big part in this.  Here are some tips from a fencing contractor in Brighton (that’s us!) to help you choose the right ones.

Commercial Fencing Brighton

Commercial fencing options

While there’s nothing to stop you going with timber fencing for your commercial property, many favour metal fencing.  Not only it is tougher and stronger, but it also lasts longer.  Our timber fencing has a 5 year guarantee, for example, but our metal fencing comes with a 10 year guarantee.  So this makes for better value for money.

There are also plenty of styles of commercial fencing.  Chain link fencing is a common sight around schools and colleges, easily returning a ball to kids playing in the school yard but preventing any of them from leaving.  Mesh fence panels are a similar idea that offers a solid style of fencing that can still easily be seen through.  Both of these styles are also popular for sports courts as they stop balls and other sports equipment accidentally flying out of the court area and causing damage.

Extra security features

In addition to the strength of the fences, you can also add extra security features to the fence to make it even stronger.  Razor wire and security fencing are two examples while steel palisades look like a metal version of picket fence but have spikes on the stop to deter efforts to climb them.

As well as the main fencing, there is often the use of barriers in Brighton to direct people to somewhere or keep them away from other areas.  These can be linked together and moved around as needed or removed when they aren’t in use and stored easily.

Gates to go with the fence

Gates in Brighton are as varied as fencing and typically match in with the overall theme of the fence.  So if you have metal fencing, it is common to go with metal gates.  These can also come with extra security features to help make the property as unattractive to intruders as possible.

One example of this is automatic gates which open when a certain trigger is in place or when someone triggers them to open manually.  Automatic bollards also work well to deter cars from passing when they are not permitted or to stop casual traffic.  Height restriction barriers can stop higher vehicles from entering if there is a height restriction in the building.

The right choice

Working with a knowledgeable and experienced fencing contractor can make all of this very simple.  They can look at the needs of your property and offer ideas for fencing, gates and security measures to ensure the boundary is attractive but also works with the security systems within the building to make it as safe and secure as possible.

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