Your garden gate is one of the things that makes up the first impression of your home.  It is part of the fencing that marks the boundary of your home, is a way to enter the property and helps with the security.  Gates in Brighton come in as wide a range of styles as fencing in Brighton so here is some expert advice on how to pick the best one.

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Matching fencing and gates

Most of the time, people will pick gates that match with their style of fencing in Sussex to create a harmonious look.  That means if you have a picket fence, most people will also choose to have a picket style gate.  Or if you have solid fencing panels, then a solid gate of a similar height is usually chosen.  Any good fencing contractor in Brighton can help you choose which style is best for your home.

Making the gate sturdy

Once you have some ideas about the style of gate that you want to have, another big consideration is how to fix it and make sure it is solid and easy to use.  Gate posts are key to this.  There are two main sizes usually, 75x75mm for lighter gates and 100x100mm for heavier, solid gates.  These are usually cemented into place to ensure they stay put.

You can also fix gate posts to the wall of the house.  This involves fixing timber to the wall that then has the hinges attached to it – this is known as a wall plate.  The aim is to ensure the gate can open and shut easily but can also be latched shut so it doesn’t blow around in the wind.

Top quality fixtures

One of the most common problems with gates and barriers in Brighton is that the fixtures used to attach them to the wall or fence posts aren’t the strongest available.  That’s why a good fencing contractor will use either galvanised or stainless steel for the nails, screws and bolts.  These pair well with timber products and ensure that they will last for the longest time with little maintenance.

This also applies to the security you add to the gate.  While not everyone has the need for automatic gates, there are usually bolts, padlocks or other security measures that you want to add.  Make sure these are strong, easy to use and can’t be easily disengaged from outside the home. 

Other considerations

Before you commit to a particular gate and fence, it is always worth checking any relevant rules around planning permission.  Most of the time you can put up fences without needing to deal with the local planning department but there are likely to be rules.  These may govern things like the height or style of fencing both around the boundary and between you and the neighbours.

For example, you can’t add new fences and gates that are more than one metre high beside a highway used by vehicles or by a footpath.  You can usually replace fences and gates with others of the same height but check rules about increasing it.

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