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When you run a leisure centre or sports courts, it is important to have the right fencing around the property to protect it and to keep activities within the courts.  If you need new sports court fencing, fences around your property or repairs on existing fencing in Brighton, Sector UK Fencing can help.

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Sport and Leisure

  • Sports court fencing
  • Secure the property
  • Ensure activities stay in boundaries
  • Smart and practical fencing
  • Repairs and maintenance available

Quality sports court fencing

There are various styles of fencing that work well as sports court fencing.  One of the most common is chain link fencing – it is easy to install, lasts a long time and keeps equipment from the court within the boundaries.  Mesh fence panels also work in a similar way, ensuring that if a ball hits the fence, it simply rebounds into the court area harmlessly, rather than escaping outside.

These kinds of fences can also be paired with features such as razor wire and security fencing if there is the need to keep intruders out of the area.  Vandals are much less likely to attempt to damage a sports court if there is sharp razor wire along the top of a fence.

Leisure centre fencing

Another business we often provide fencing for is leisure centres.  With their combination of sports courts and other outdoor features, fencing is a way to keep activities within the boundaries and to deter vandals and intruders from trying to enter.  We can fit a range of fencing around the property and also add automatic gates and bollards where required to increase property security.

All of the quotes we give are personalised and free – there’s no obligation involved.  So if you need new fencing around your sports courts or need repairs or maintenance give us a call to get your appointment today.

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