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Property security is a very important thing for commercial and industrial properties and industrial fencing is a key part of this.  If you need to refresh or upgrade your property’s fencing in the Brighton area, then Sector UK Fencing can supply a wide range of commercial grade options.

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Commercial and Industry

  • Industrial fencing options
  • Help improve premises security
  • Pedestrian and safety barriers supplied
  • Automatic bollards installed
  • Mesh fence panels and steel palisades

Tough, secure fencing options

We can install a range of tough and secure industrial fencing options including mesh fence panels and razor wire.  These help to ensure the property is secure and reduce the chance of someone climbing the fence to gain access.  We can also install steel palisades which look smart and a little like metal picket fence – but have extra features at the top to make them harder to scale.

Sometimes you need a temporary fix or a moveable fencing solution and that’s where pedestrian and safety barriers come in.  These can be linked together and moved around as suits your needs, allowing you to fence off areas, create walkways or simply stop all access to an area for as long as you want.

Extra security measures

Another way to help secure the property is with the use of automatic bollards, stopping vehicles for entering without permission while easily dropping out of the way for authorised visitors.  We can install these and set up their easy operation with your staff. 

Height restriction barriers are another way to stop unwanted vehicles entering the property – these are metal fences set at a certain height to ensure no bigger vehicles can pass.  Again we can install these at the desired height for your traffic.

All metal fencing and elements are guaranteed for 10 years and we offer free quotes for all projects with no obligations.

Fencing in Brighton

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